From Little ACORNs…

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Yesterday I asked if we were watching another Watergate growing right before our eyes. This morning, I woke to find the little scandal had risen like bread dough during the night (via memeorandum).

Like a certain cowardly Great Dane might say, “Rut Roh, Robama!” Firing one Inspector General under suspicious circumstances is one thing, but two? And stonewalling a third?

That’s the sort of thing that gets you flashing the “V for Victory” sign as you board Marine One for the last time.

It’s also what Pulitzer Prizes are made of, which is why I don’t think it’ll be long at all before some enterprising journalist not named Byron York starts looking into the story in earnest. I’m not talking about the gelded syncophants who work here, but other people who have been known to commit acts of journalism betimes. If such a person were to team up with a media outlet with a reasonable amount of ready cash who knows what might happen? No man can say.

I hear the weather’s quite nice in Sacramento this time of year, for what that’s worth.

For more Washington-bound journalists, there’s digging to be done as well.

It has not gone unnoticed among some Republicans on Capitol Hill that First Lady Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff, Jackie Norris, recently stepped down from her White House position to become head of the Corporation for National and Community Service. According to White House sources, Norris and Obama have already discussed how AmeriCorps could fit into the First Lady’s volunteerism projects.

According to White House sources, Norris’s shift to the CNCS was discussed not only with the First Lady, but also with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. “Her move was not done just give her a safe landing,” says one White House aide. “We have a very clear agenda and a lot of plans for that organization; we wouldn’t be giving it the resources that we are if we didn’t.”

Those resources amount to more that $6 billion in funds, and those plans include turning AmeriCorps into a supersized, taxpayer-funded ACORN-like organization, focused on the Obama Administration’s policy agenda, including health care reform, targeted stimulus spending, and possible work on the upcoming U.S. census in 2010.

Hmmm…corruption, cronyism, and a $6 billion pool of money from which certain beaks might drink their fill. It reminds me of that saying, “From little ACORNs, mighty scandals grow“.

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