Next on ABC, A Very Special Obama Health Care Meeting

| June 16, 2009 | 2 Replies

I’m fairly sure that when the founders wrote freedom of the press into the First Amendment, they weren’t figuring that the press would take that to mean they were free to become a wholly co-opted propaganda wing of the government. I posted the details of the story over at NTC News, but here’s the quick summary: ABC News is going to devote an entire day of news coverage to promoting President Obama’s health care plan. The Republican National Committee asked for a small sliver of time to offer up a rejoinder or even pitch its own plan, but you and I both know that was never going to happen.

ABC says that it will “have complete editorial control” over its broadcasts that day and that and suggestions that such unprecedented access could ever ever influence its coverage is a deadly insult.

The outrage is as fake at ABC’s “news” coverage will be that day. There is no way in the world that getting exclusive interviews with both the President and First Lady, being allowed to broadcast for the entire day from within the White House and grounds, and getting an exclusive “town hall” meeting with the President, could not influence ABC’s objectivity.

Here is the acid test. Do you remember when President Bush was pushing for Social Security reform a few years back? Imagine what might have happened had Fox News announced it was going to devote every one of its news shows to a “conversation” about social security reform and that it would be broadcasting from inside the White House all day. Imagine the outrage from the MSM and the left if Fox has shut out the Democrats entirely yet promised to be the very paragons of journalistic virtue.

The left would have screamed to high Heaven and they would have been exactly right to do so. There’s a reason we won’t hear much from the left on this and it has to do with what Stacy says in the update to this post. There’s an awful lot of message-coordinating going on and we rarely get to see any of it. The only sign we have that there’s a concerted push happening is when the pundits and MSM all line up suddenly and for no good reason. Well, they’re lining up on health care already. ABC’s Day of Propaganda is only the most visible indication that the marching orders have been given. You will see more. I guarantee it.

UPDATE: Linked by The Camp of the Saints who has a good roundup of reactions on this and give the love to NTC News. Thank you!

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