The Reluctant President Dives Right into Running GM

| June 2, 2009 | 5 Replies

Yesterday, President Obama said, “What we are not doing — what I have no interest in doing — is running GM.” That sounded good, but as so often happens with this President, you only have to wait a day or so to see if he was blowing smoke.

In this case? There was smoke. He was belching it like one of those coal plants he hates so much.

The President is so busy not running GM that he had time the night before to call and reassure Detroit Mayor Dave Bing about the new GM’s future location. GM is being courted to move its headquarters to nearby Warren, Michigan. And Mr. Bing told the Detroit News that he had received a call Sunday evening from the President “informing me of his support for GM to stay in the city of Detroit with its headquarters at the Renaissance [Center].”

The newspaper went on to report that “The mayor said he’s more secure in knowing GM will stay in Detroit, a move paved by several conversations Bing and his administration had with several top White House officials in recent days.”

There’s more blown smoke here.

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UPDATE: Linked by Stephen Green. Yep, Stephen, this is destined to become one of the classic lies of all time.

“I’ll still respect you in the morning.”
“The check’s in the mail.”
“No, I don’t really want to own that automaker I just seized.”

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