Not One Red Cent Post: Crist is Not So Conservative

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I have a new post up at Not One Red Cent. Charlie Crist decided to lay down his conservative bona fides in an op-ed today and the result was an ugly mishmash of strawmen and pap that should shame his new friend John Cornyn. Here’s an excerpt.

I’ll note that Crist didn’t use his considerable popularity and power as the Governor of Florida to push for one of those alternate proposals. Instead of actually fighting for a solution that involved tax cuts and a drastic cutback of unnecessary spending, the sort of thing that we know spurs economic activity, Crist actually went on the stump and campaigned for the trillion-dollar “crap sandwich” at a time when the alternatives could have used a real push. In other words, Crist opted for the expensive, job-killing, pork-laden, deficit-exploding option just to do “something”.

Crist’s biggest problem here is that “something” and “nothing” weren’t the choices on the table at the time. Indeed, not only did his good friend John McCain have an alternate plan, but so Senator Jim DeMint. When he frames the argument that way, he’s being dishonest.

But laying aside his dishonesty, who says that something is better than nothing? If you’ve been shot in the leg and can’t get to a hospital immediately, do you choose to shoot yourself in the head or do you take another option that can stem the bleeding and keep you alive long enough for someone to get you some real help? Well, of course you’d do the latter. Only an idiot, or a politician, would say that causing even more damage is an honorable or intelligent choice.

Go on over and read the whole thing. Leave a comment or two while your there. The NRSC needs to hear, very clearly, that endorsing Crist was a foolish mistake they need to correct.

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