Marco Rubio is the New Hotness; NRSC Is, Well, Not

| May 20, 2009 | 5 Replies

If you want to know why the Republican Party is still slowly circling the drain, take a look at this video and remember that the NRSC is backing a big-government, high-tax, believer in the Cult of Global Warming for the Senate over this guy.

Seriously, what beyond fear could possibly have inspired the GOP to come out against Marco Rubio? He’s young, energetic, Hispanic, popular among Republicans in his own state, with an actual track record for standing up for conservative principles like limited government and personal freedom. He’s exactly what the Republicans have been trying to find for at least four years.

And they’re going to oppose him? Because they don’t think he can raise enough money?


John Hawkins is circulating a petition asking that John Cornyn and the NRSC pull back its premature and misguided endorsement of Charlie Crist and keep its nose out of other states’ primaries. If you’re a blogger and want your name on the petition, just send John an e-mail and he’ll put you on.

It’s high time that those of us out here in flyover country who are sick and tired of watching our elected officials bow at the ramshackle altar of big, intrusive, corrupt government made sure that we are heard very clearly.

It has to start somewhere. Florida is as good a place as any.

Not One Red Cent? Oh, you betcha.

UPDATE: John Cornyn wouldn’t take any “political questions” in his blogger teleconference today. It seems he was only interested in taking batting practice questions from the bloggers today.

How very…Obamaesque…of him.

(via And So it Goes in Shreveport).

UPDATE: Suzanna Logan confirms that Rubio is, indeed, the new hotness.

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