Why is the MSM Misreporting the Notre Dame Controversy?

| May 15, 2009 | 5 Replies

My latest post at The Greenroom delves into the woeful media coverage of the controversy at Notre Dame. My conclusion, such as it is, doesn’t look kindly on the media.

So why focus on the speech and not the degree? Well, that’s where you start to see some grey creeping into things. I suppose some could call the speech invitation an honor but, let’s face it, it’s nothing compared to the honor of, well, an honorary degree. A speech is just a speech, but that degree carries a serious amount of cachet. Also, we can’t forget that Notre Dame is not merely a Catholic institution an educational institution as well. Having a diversity of speakers is not only desirable but required.

Of course, it makes for a more consistent piece of the “Oh, those intolerant right-wing zealot Christians” picture to paint the protesters as opposing the speech and not the award. It’s a lot easier to write a story that dismisses serious Catholics as a bunch of Obama-hating wackjobs than it is to wade just a little bit into Catholic teaching to find out what the real disagreement is about.

Please take a few moments to read the whole thing.

I’m pleased to see that Allah, Ed, and Michelle have added my friend Michael van der Galien to The Greenroom roster of bloggers. Michael’s a heck of a blogger and I’m glad he’s on board. Go read his latest on a subject near and dear to my blogging heart this week.

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