Democrats Can Thank Nancy Pelosi for the Big Bullseye Under Your Feet

| May 15, 2009 | 2 Replies

I have given up trying to figure out what Nancy Pelosi is thinking, or even if she’s thinking. After her many lies of the past two weeks, the smartest thing for her to do would have been to go on vacation for a couple week and let the MSM smooth everything over. There are plenty of big stories to fill the the space her inane fables has occupied in the news cycle and, besides, the “torture narrative” has pretty much been chiseled in stone.

All Pelosi had to do was to keep her mouth shut and stay away from television cameras for a few days and she would escape with only a few minor dings.

So of course she pushed all her chips to the center of the table in the form of the most awkward press conference since Herod announced the slaughter of the firstborn to say that the entire Central Intelligence Agency lied to her.

Actually, that’s incorrect. She didn’t accuse the CIA of lying merely to her. She accused the agency of lying to all of Congress and said “they mislead us all the time”.

Congrats, Ms. Speaker. You’ve just dragged your entire party onto a humongous bullseye.

By calling out the whole of the CIA, she’s guaranteed that they will dump every last scrap of information they have on every briefing and conversation pertaining to enhanced interrogation techniques not just with her but with every single member of the Democratic leadership. They have to. The agency has a reputation that’s worth more than nonsense politics and I’m very sure it’s not about to let Nancy Pelosi drag it through the mud for free. And they won’t wait until she can set up an orderly, and partisan, “truth commission” to do it. They’re not that dumb.

The big hammer fall is coming and it’s going to land not only on Pelosi’s pointed head, but the head of every Democrat within a ten-mile radius of her. Steny Hoyer knows that and is slowly backing away from her right now. Smart Democrats would be doing the same thing, so as to stay out of the blast crater. Then again, some Democrats just aren’t that bright.

William Jacobson took on the thankless task of trying to translate what Nancy Pelosi calls thinking into something the rest of us can understand. I hope the poor guy took the day off work today. He certainly earned it.

Smitty has a comprehensive roundup of all things Pelosi here, in case you need to get caught up to the excuse du jour.

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