We Can't Lead if Our President Doesn't Like Us

| April 26, 2009 | 4 Replies

Mark Steyn asks us to look a few years into the future and decide if that’s the world in which we really want to live.

What’s the greater likelihood? That in 10 years’ time things in Pakistan will be better? Or much worse? That nuclearization by basket-case dictatorships from Pyongyang to Tehran will have advanced, or been contained? That the bleak demographic arithmetic at the heart of Europe and Japan’s economic woes will have accelerated, or been reversed? That a resurgent Islam’s assaults on free speech and other rights (symbolized by the recent U.N. support for a global Islamic blasphemy law) will have taken hold in the Western world, or been forced to retreat?

What could stave off a world like this? Well, it’s nothing we have right now.

…[R]esisting the present careless drift would require global leadership. And 100 days into a new presidency Barack Obama is giving strong signals to the world that we have entered what Caroline Glick of The Jerusalem Post calls “the post-American era.”

I think the most important trait any President can have is the belief that the United States of America is a good nation, fit to lead the world. It is painfully obvious that President Obama does not believe anything close to that.

(via Ed Driscoll)

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