It's Yearly Celebration Week (Kind of) at The Shack!

| April 22, 2009 | 14 Replies

birthday-shackThis week, or at least the next few days, is kind of a big deal around these parts.

See, April 26th will mark the fifth anniversary of The Sundries Shack.

Two days later, April 28th, will be my birthday. I’ll be 41 for those of you keeping score — on the downslope side of “over the hill”.

So if you’ve ever been inclined to pick something up for me from my wish list. Alternately, you can set yourself to make a small donation every month. I suggest $5, which works out to $60 a year, but you can pick your own monthly amount. As always, you can choose to buy something for yourself through any of the Amazon links, and I’ll get a little bit of the sale.

If money’s tight, though, there are other ways you can help. At the bottom of each posts are a couple links marked “Share This” and “Stumble It”. Each of those links give you a myriad of ways to share my posts with your friends and family or spread it around to the internet in general. The “Share It” link offers you several options to send my post elsewhere, including e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, and Technorati. I’ve had a couple posts drop onto StumbleUpon this month and I can tell you that each time that happens, it’s good for a solid thousand visitors. If five of you were to Stumble one of my posts every week, you would easily double (and perhaps triple) my average traffic here.

Over the weekend, I’m going to delve into the archives and pull out some posts you may not have seen if you’ve become a recent reader. I’ll do at least one a day starting tomorrow until next Tuesday, my birthday. I figure it’d be fun to see what things were like around here in years past and it’ll be a neat way to show you what I’ve been doing around here since April, 2004. It hasn’t been all Dune and Star Wars references. Some of it was some of that serious analysis I keep hearing about.

UPDATE: Today is Shack Anniversary Day! Five years down, many more to come.


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