The Picture Every American Should See

| April 16, 2009 | 9 Replies

If you’re really curious why hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans would take to the streets in protest of this President’s policies, I can explain in one picture.


When the left and their MSM brethren complain that protesters are hypocritical because they didn’t march against President Bush’s deficits, well, this picture shows you why. Compared to what President Obama plans to do to us, George Bush was a piker.

Of course, to Democrats in Congress, the tea parties were a dangerous gathering of “neo-Nazis, militias, secessionists and racists”. What do you expect from people who were observing us regular folks like they were riding through Lion Country Safari?

Show your friends that picture and let them get a good look at what Democrats think of them if they react with anything short of awed admiration.

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