Ignore the JournoList Meme of the Week and Go to a Tea Party!

| April 12, 2009 | 6 Replies

tax-day-tea-partyHmmm…I wonder what the JournoList Meme of the Week is? Let’s take a look around some of the leading left-wing blogs, why don’t we?

Here’s the nasty little bigot Jane Hamsher saying that the Tea Party protests are nothing but a Fox News/big corporation operation. And here she is again saying the same thing. Notice how she scampers away like a scared rat when someone asks her if she has anything close to, you know, proof.

Steve Benen’s on the same kick and he quotes Oliver Willis who put on his deerstalker cap and came up with, you guessed it, exactly the same conclusion.

Here’s Think Progress reading from the script as well. And Michael Stickings quoting Andrew Sullivan. Of course, Media Matters had to have its big alleged expose, too.

I think I’ve detected a theme here, haven’t you?
Their fear is palpable and, given the history of the progressive movement, utterly ludicrous.

teapartyteamStacy McCain does the good work of revealing the hypocrisy in the talking points and heaps on Willis, Benen, and the rest of them a good helping of much-earned ridicule. Donald Douglas takes a different route and explains to anyone wise enough to lay aside the JournoList e-mails exactly what prompted these protests and why the left laughs them off at its peril.

The protests are all set for Wednesday, April 15th — Tax Day. Everyone who is even a little bit concerned about the simply insane course our government has charted is welcome to attend. Political affiliations don’t matter. No one cares if you consider yourself liberal, conservative, or libertarian. If you want to let your government in Washington hear, very firmly, that you will not be silent while they heap foolish debt on your grandchildren to fuel a plan that will not work, then you should find the nearest Tea Party and sign up. It’s that simple.

UPDATE: Linked by Stacy, who has plenty more.

UPDATE 2: Donald Douglas catches the meme making an MSM appearance and adds a few professional observations of his own. Dan Collins says what should be blindingly obvious. These days, though, the obvious needs to be pointed out or be entirely obscured by the language-garbling left.

UPDATE 3: Linked by Mike Hendrix (a blogging role model of mine!). Thanks, Mike!

UPDATE 4: Andrew Sullivan, Sooooooper Genius, thinks he has the whole thing figured out: we grassroots conservatives hijacked the Tea party movement like the pirates we are!

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