Daniel Hannan: I Hope They Fail (UPDATE: Wolverines?)

| March 30, 2009 | 9 Replies

Oh dear, it looks like Daniel Hannan, MEP and newest conservative heartthrob, just got himself disinvited from all the cool conservative parties. Here’s the title of his latest blog post:

G20 summit: here’s hoping that Gordon Brown and Barack Obama fail

Not only will he find himself persona non grata at the tony gatherings of the great conservative minds but he’ll also find himself the subject of a myriad of blog posts and news articles explaining why he’s simply not nuanced enough to be a conservative leader. Poor guy. No one really deserves that.

I suspect that this won’t fash Hannan much at all since, as a conservative in Britain, he’s used to being tut-tutted by conservatives who surrendered their language to the left a long time ago.

It’s worth noting here that Hannan is an actual policymaker and, if he keeps going, could well be the leader of the conservatives in Britain. Perhaps our mavens of pleasant speaking can have a few moments instructing him as to what he may and may not say so as not to confuse the imperceptive brutes in the general electorate.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, in the world of the Islamists

Like the man says, if we don’t defend the right to be clearly understood, someone will buy it right out from under us.

Related pugnacious thoughts from Donald Douglas, Dan Riehl, and Pundit & Pundette. Some history about the confounding of our language, Obama-style, from Jim Treacher and Clarice Feldman.

UPDATE 2: Not to sound all “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” here, but both stories are related. The dishonest misreading of Rush Limbaugh’s comments and the massive left-wing astroturfing campaigns both have the same goal – to muddy the waters so badly that we can’t trust our own words anymore. Stacy McCain has plenty more on the subject, including a clarification from Breitbart himself and a living, breathing illustration of how the old strategies become new again. Moe Lane has insightful thoughts as well.

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