What? No Blogging Today?

| March 29, 2009 | 2 Replies

It turned out that a day that was supposed to be 60-ish degrees and raining in the afternoon was 70-ish and partly cloudy, which means that sitting inside and blogging took a distant third place to ridding the car of accumulated winter detritus and running a couple errands with the sunroof open.

By the way, Mendelssohn and an open sunroof go together very well.

Also, a milkshake was involved.

In the evening, I upgraded the memory in my sturdy Mac Mini. It should have taken me 30 minutes, but thanks to a 3/4-stripped screw, it took me an hour. Still, computer is upgraded with two gigs of screaming hot RAM and I am happy.

Blogging will resume tomorrow (or perhaps later tonight) just like normal. Happy Sunday Evening, everyone!

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