If Geithner Had Any Employees, They'd Be Eyeing His Furniture Right Now.

| March 17, 2009 | 3 Replies

tim-geithnerMoe Lane looks to be starting a Tim Geithner Desk-Cleaning Pool. He’s not offering prizes, but it could be fun to play.

Put me down for Friday, March 27th at 3 PM. Here’s my reasoning. The President will announce it over the weekend so it has less of a splash. I would have chosen this Friday, except I think that this time our Object in Chief will spend a few days in quiet counsel with a few financial minds who know that leaking even the fact that they were talking with the President would send the market into paroxysms of panic worse than we’ve seen so far. He’ll need a few days to get a very short list and then talk to the two or three names he gets.

I have no idea who the replacement is likely to be. The President would be smart to find someone with some hand-on business experience, but I’m not going to hold my breath. He should have picked a businessman over a bureaucrat the first time.

UPDATED: Linked by Ron Coleman who wonders if conservatives are being a little too gleeful over Geithner’s woes. Well, maybe we are. I agree with him that Geithner isn’t the disease but only a very visible symptom of the President’s toxic economic plan.

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