CPAC Interview with Ali Hasan, Muslims for America

| March 1, 2009 | 17 Replies

While I was at CPAC, I had the chance to speak a couple times with the folks from Muslims for America. I was able to get a brief interview with one of the founders, Muhammad Ali Hasan about his group and what he and his fellow members are doing.

I admit that when it comes to Islam, I am wary. There are far too many Muslims group who quickly and easily apologize for the violence and oppression that is committed every day under Islam. Far too many Muslim leaders here in America will say that the Islamists are not representative of the majority of Muslims but they never manage to cleanly separate themselves from them.

Mr. Hasan’s group seems to be different and refreshing. Muslims for America seems to very clearly set itself apart from groups like CAIR. Mr. Hasan and the other folks at the booth with him were quite emphatic in their conversations that they are Americans and Muslims and that the two things go together very well. Indeed, the group’s main goal is to encourage American Muslims to assimilate into their communities. It’s an interesting approach and I think it deserves encouragement.

So here’s my interview. Comments, as usual, are welcome.

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