CPAC Day 3 – The Recovering

| February 28, 2009 | 5 Replies

Yesterday was a light posting day for me for a couple reasons. First, I was a lot less mobile around the convention because I walked my legs off on Thursday (Icy Hot is your friend). Second, I had met most of the people I really wanted to meet so I wasn’t pressed to go dashing around. I could move more slowly and with a little more purpose.

I also have a couple interviews set up that I plan on posting here over the weekend.

Saturday also appears to be the day when people arrive later in the day. My friend Andrew Ian Dodge described it as “the day you can tell who the [CPAC] veterans are”. That’s because there are so many parties and receptions at the end of each day featuring the magic words “open bar” that you have to actually try not to leave CPAC tipsy each day. The trick is to pace yourself so that you can start each day with enough energy to make it through and still have enough in the tank for the evening.

Andrew’s been to a few of these things and he knows. I’ve seen more than a few people this morning who could have used his advice before last night.

The early birds, by the way, do not get the picture with Mark Levin and Rick Santorum.


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