I'm Going to CPAC, With Credentials Yet (But I've a Bone to Pick with PJM)

| February 23, 2009 | 11 Replies

cpac2009_001In late February every year, thousands of conservatives descend on Washington, DC for the yearly conservative bacchanalia that is CPAC.

It is Nirvana for any self-respecting conservative political geek plus a lot more. It’s also a huge social event that in just the past few days I’ve seen described as “The Right Wing Woodstock”, “MTV’s Spring Break, but with pearls and navy blue suits”, and “a right-wing Mardi Gras, with a little bit of infield-at-Talladega thrown in for good measure”.

And this year I’m going to experience it for myself. In just a couple days, I’ll be going to my first CPAC ever. Thanks to the folks at Pajamas Media, I’ll be going as a credentialed blogger, which means I get some cool new media bling to wear around my neck and a few chances to talk to come of the movers and shakers on the right side of politics.

Am I excited? Oh, you betcha!

I’ll be taking my camera and digital video camera and I’m planning on scavenging whatever WiFi signal I can find to do some blogging from there. I’ll also be going to some of the after-parties including the first-ever Smart Girl Politics meet and greet where I will be surrounded by some of the smartest and hottest conservative women I know.

Yes, you may envy me now.

I do have one misgiving, though.

Pajamas TV is hosting a Conservatism 2.0 conference for which they’ve invited a horde of young web-savvy folks. The folks they’re advertising as their big guns are Glenn Reynolds, Michelle Malkin, and Joe Wurzelbacher.

One of those things is not like the others, wouldn’t you say? I’m sure that Joe the Plumber is a nice enough guy but he doesn’t belong up on the stage telling the rest of us about “Bias in Media and Education”. He’s there because he’s a minor celebrity, not because he brings any particular expertise to the table. Indeed, if PJTV wanted to bring someone in who knows a thing or two about bias, they could have brought in Kathy Shaidle. Kathy has been in close combat with the government of Canada in a battle to preserve freedom of speech not just for her but for all Canadians. She knows a thing or two about bias in the media, since she’s been subjected to it. She’s a bona fide expert who incidentally could have used the extra cash that her appearance, and the sale of a few hundred copies of her new book, could have brought her. When Pajamas Media started, the founders made big noise about featuring original reporting from conservative bloggers. Well, that’s exactly what Kathy has been doing.

But she’ll be home during CPAC and Joe the Celebrity will be where she should be. PJTV could have done a fellow conservative a solid and affirmed their original mission but they didn’t. They opted to bring in a celebrity to increase their own visibility. That’s not cool.

Still, I’m grateful that they credentialed me and I hope you enjoy the posts I write about my experiences at my first-ever CPAC.

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