The Tenth Amendment and Urban Policy

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Tabitha Hale is a friend of mine who blogs as Pink Elephant Pundit and is one of the most active members of Smart Girl Politics. Yesterday, she asked me to co-write a short article for her blog on new but growing 10th Amendment revolution that’s been moving through several state houses around the country.

We decided to chime in the subject after reading about the White House’s new Office of Urban Affairs, a brand-new bureaucracy designed to reach down to state and local governments and make sure that they spent federal money the way that the Obama administration wants it spent. That struck us both as a rather blunt way of using our tax money to do an end-run around state sovereignty. Thus, our article, which is not necessarily an in-depth analysis of the aborning movement itself but a brief statement about what ordinary citizens who are simply tired of repeated federal intrusions into areas that are clearly off-limits.

You can read our effort here. An excerpt:

Let’s talk about what urban policy actually encompasses: housing, health, education, and development, among other things. Those intrusions into state and local politics would be bad enough, but the Democrats have billions of our dollars behind this office. Add that money to an open-ended mandate to “coordinate’ what state and local governments do and you’re talking about real power.

Think about this practically. In the world of politics, money is power. That’s why members of Congress covet their ability to hand out earmarks like Gollum coveted the One Ring. Without the ability to snatch away billions of taxpayer dollars, they can’t do much else but mutter to themselves in the dark halls of the Capitol. No self-respecting Governor or Mayor is going to do what Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid tell them to do unless the Dimwitted Duo wave a giant sack full of money at them.

Read the whole thing. And spend some time at Tabitha’s site. She’s a good writer and a rising star in the conservative blogosphere.

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