I Paid For Pelosi's Pet Mice and Reid's High-Rollers, And All I Got Was a Lousy $13

| February 12, 2009 | 1 Reply

Remeber how, during the campaign, President Obama said that he was going to give 95% of all Americans a tax cut and how you’d be able to stimulate the heck out of the economy with all that crazy cash?

Well, here’s your $13 a week in tax cuts. Don’t spend it all in one place.

Are you brimming with confidence yet, you consumer you? The Democrats just gave you a tax cut smaller than what you probably lose in pocket change in a week.

You could have gotten much, much more — enough, perhaps, to pay off your credit card debt or put away to buy a house of your own with a solid mortgage – but the Democrats wouldn’t let you keep that much. They figured that you’d blow that money in the Cayman Islands or something instead of spending it on Nancy Pelosi’s pet mice, Harry Reid’s gambling train to Vegas, or a project they don’t even know about because they haven’t bothered to read the bill.

Yeah, you could have had more control of your own economic situation, but you were simply outmatched. See, in a contest between your freedom and the Democrats’ desire to control the economy, you lose every time.

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