The Stimulus Bill Must Die by Morning

| January 27, 2009 | 2 Replies

What’s happening this week in the House of Representatives ought to well and truly tick you off. The Democratic Party wants to take over $10,000 from you and your family. When they have your money, they’re going to go on the biggest spending orgy this world has ever seen.

Oh, they say that they have to do this to stimulate the economy. But let me ask you a couple few questions.

The House vote for this is likely to happen very early Wednesday morningm likely somewhere around 9 AM. There is time to vote this giant disaster down before it can tear the bottom out of our already-damaged economy.

We all need to call our members of Congress ASAP and let them know, in polite but unequivocal terms, that their job security rests on voting “no” on the stimulus bill.

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