Maryland Waves Bye-Bye to Business

| January 26, 2009 | Comments (3)

I can’t wait until we can throw Governor O’Malley out of office. He’s making a financial wasteland out of what used to be a pretty prosperous state.

Maryland used to be in the middle of the pack of states with business-friendly environments. No more. The Tax Foundation now ranks Maryland as the sixth worst state in the nation in which to do business. Only Rhode Island, Ohio, California, New York, and New Jersey are more hostile to job- and revenue-producing enterprises.

The Governor passed the largest tax increase in the history of the state and tax revenues responded as common-sense would indicate. Revenues have tanked, big government programs have gotten more expensive, and businesses have stopped coming to Maryland.

This isn’t a shock to anyone but progressives, who continue to be surprised when their big tax, big government, business-hostile policies drive their states into financial ruin. You’d think that people who claim to be smarter than anyone else would crack open an economics book once in a while.

Oh, but he’s about to drop millions more in spending to reduce our state’s CO2 emissions by 25 percent in 12 years thus doing battle with the dread beast known as climate change. That’s supposed to magically bring in “green jobs” which will revive our moribund economy. He doesn’t say how his program will replace all the jobs he will chase out of the state with yet more big government, intrusive regulations, and higher taxes via a cap-and-trade program yet. I guess we’ll have to rely on thoe Hopenchange Fairies to come through for us. You never know. They just might show up if progressives pray hard enough.

You know, while he’s spening tons of our money on fighting mythical threats, why doesn’t he sink a couple million into a Chessie Apprehension Program? At this point, Chessie has as much solid science behind it as does global warming.

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Comments (3)

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  1. SmashPach says:

    When you have actual evidence that such partisan political "opinions" are more than just opnions, then publish them.

    This doesn't mean anything more than finger pointing spin from a leaflet with a right-wing bent.

    The same tripe has been spread for years and despite Ehrlich multiple expensive tax hikes, business stayed pretty much the same. Right?…

    And that's just one year.

    • Jimmie says:

      You have only to look at the economic health of the state and the decisions the Governor is still taking. He's firing employees while still giving raises? He's buying land while putting furloughs into place? He's going "green" despite a desperate need for all sorts of business activity? None of that points to a coherent strategy except the one that pushes progressive politics over economic good sense.

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