The Safety of Progressivism is the Safety of the Cage

| January 9, 2009 | Reply

Nancy Thorner espies the real purpose of P-E Obama’s big government giveaway program.

In truth, behind the promise of jobs and an economic rebound seems to be [a] political motive that seeks to build an enduring and a lasting Democrat majority through the doling out of government money to Democrat mayors, Labor Unions, environmental groups, etc. All are lining up like pigs at a trough to feast for a piece of the pork from what amounts to a large government slush fund.

This is how the Democrats build voting coalitions. They use your money and mine to buy the votes they need through “temporary” spending packages that never do go away. They try to make us dependent on government spending and scared about the prospect of losing our “safety net”. They claim, without evidence, that massive redistribution of wealth is the real secret to economic staibility and and personal enrichment without ever being able to cite a single historical example of it ever happening that way. They build an inescapable government cage around us, promising that we will be safe inside.

But there is no safety in government. There wasn’t safety during the Wilson and FDR administrations, when government intruded dangerously into our economy twice and civil rights were coopted like they’ve never been since in the name of the “common good”. There won’t be safety in Barack Obama’s progressive government either. What has been can very easily be again because Obama and the progressive left simply refuse to believe that they are capable of doing anything wrong. They will repeat the terrible mistakes of the past because they believe they are more clever and more earnest than anyone before them and that the real fault with collectivism and progressive nanny-statism isn’t with the system but with the less-intelligent people before them who made all the mistakes.

They’re wrong, but they’ll never see it, much less admit it. That’s why it’s up to us to stop them, and to keep on stopping them for the next four years, in the interests of the real common good.

(via The TCOT Report)

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