Strike a Blow for Citizen Legislators

| January 7, 2009 | Comments (0)

If you’re a conservative or libertarian and you live in Maryland, you should get to know Ron Miller. Miller is gearing up to take a run at Senate Majority Leader Mike Miller and, with the way the government of Maryland is being run these days, he has a real shot at beating him.

Ron has worked in the Bush administration and the American Red Cross and is now owns his own consulting business. He’s a musician, a family man, a tech geek, an Air Force veteran, and is deeply involved in his local community and his church. In short, he’s not a career politico. He’s just the kind of person who should be representing us in government, someone who can be a true citizen legislator.

If this sounds like a campaign pitch, well, it is…kind of. I’ve gotten to chat with Miller a few times on Twitter and he impresses me as the kind of guy who wants to do good by the rest of us instead of someone who craves the spotlight of political office. We need a lot more of those but it starts with the first one. Ron can be that guy if we give him a hand.

It’s painfully easy to support him right now. Just hit this link and sign up. You’ll get an occasional newsletter and other stuff from him in your e-mail box. Ron would love to see 17 new people signed up tomorrow, so help him out if you can. Maryland needs good men in our legislature and Ron Miller is a good man.

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