Harry Reid Gets Pwned, Chicago-Style!

| January 7, 2009 | 1 Reply

al-capwnedI am surfing a mighty wave of schadenfreude today over Rod Blagojevich’s epic Al Capwning of Harry Reid. Blago, in the best Chicago tradition, suckered Reid in, then pwned him so hard his great-great-grandchildren will be born pwned.

Now that I’ve used the word “pwned” more than should be legal of a guy my age, on with the stories.

Reid, not even a week ago, put his hands on his hips, jutted out his weak chin, and said that no way, no how would Roland Burris be a member of the US Senate. Then, someone must have told him that it wouldn’t be a very good thing for him to block an old black man from entering the Senate, George Wallace style just because he had a bone to pick with Blago. Burris may be a barely-competent public official (well, okay, he is) but he’s not dirty enough to keep out of the Senate. So Reid, still trying valiantly to reattach his manhood after having it handed to him in a Crown Royal bag by his fellow Senators and the President-Elect, has relented. Of course, he’s blaming the whole holdup on the Illinois Secretary of State who followed Reid’s lead and hasn’t signed the paperwork from Gov. Blago.

The 111th Congress is getting off to a most competent start, wouldn’t you say?

As an end note, Jennifer Rubin has to win the Post Title of the Day Award with her zinger, “Other Than That Mr. Reid, How Was the First Day?”. Bee-you-tee-full!

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