What Has Israel Done to Earn Such Hate from the West?

| January 4, 2009 | 18 Replies

I simply don’t understand the wellspring of blind allegiance to the Palestinans that I’ve been seeing around the world and in the MSM.

Hamas, who the Palestinians elected to the majority even though it has long been known as a mob of killers, has rained over a thousand rockets on Israel every year since 2005 while Israel has mostly taken it. Can you imagine the world being silent while any nation lobbed rockets indiscriminately down on any other nation in such quantity for so long? Make no mistake, these rockets have no certain target. Hamas is not trying to hit an Israeli military installation. They are lighting off rockets certain to land somewhere in Israel and Hamas could care less whether they blow up a tank or a playground.

This is acceptable behavior to the Palestinians and the world.

A top Hamas leader, before he was blown up by a targeted Israeli missile, says that “Israel is impossible” and Jews “are a cursed people” and spend his life trying to kill every Jew he can see. Palestinians cheer him and the world accepts what he says and does with silence.

Hamas executes dozens of Palestinians and the only world criticism falls on Israel who, after years of accepting death after death, moves to crush Hamas’ ability to kill any more Israelis. Meanwhile, a spokesman for Fatah, whose members Hamas is slaughtering, criticizes Hamas for wasting resources it could be using to fight Israel.

Palestinians accept this and the world twists itself into a pretzel trying to justify this barbarism.

This makes no sense. It is illogical. There is no doubt – none – that if Hamas forswore its goal to destroy Israel and stopped the attacks Israel would not send so much as one bullet Gaza-ward. Hamas is the group that is so utterly intolerant that it can not even imagine a desirable world where Israel exists. If Hamas laid down its arms, there would be immediate peace.

So why is there such sympathy? I don’t understand it. Is there that much anti-Semitism in the world that Israel must be criticized, even for fighting back against years of unending attacks? And, please, spare me the propaganda about how cruelly Israel has treated the Palestinians. They enjoy rights in Israel that they enjoy in no other Arab nation. No country in the region has given as much humanitarian aid to the Palestinians as Israel. No country has offered them as much land nor as much money to help them become a stable and peaceable nation. It is not Israel’s fault that the Palestinians live in squalor and misery.

I don’t get the open, undisguised hatred for Israel from people who are smart enough to know better.

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