Happy New Year, You Brainwashed Slave!

| January 1, 2009 | 1 Reply

The sad thing about this e-mail is that I’m quite sure the author was being sincere in his offer to help Michelle Malkin escape her white slave master.

One of the fundamental beliefs of the Progressive left, which is on fine display in that e-mail, is that it is not possible for anyone to hold an educated view that is different from the progressive weltanschauung. Michelle can’t possibly believe what she writes, so she must be under the control of an evil white man who is making her write all that stuff. Of course, the writer never bothers to consider that rescuing her from one person’s control only to put her under progressive control makes him just another slave master.

Or perhaps he has considered it, and is willing to live with the gaping logical hole in his thinking. You never can tell with progressives whether they’re wrong accidentally or on purpose.

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