John McCain, Ungrateful Jerk

| December 14, 2008 | 2 Replies

I’m not saying that John McCain should have unconditionally endorsed Sarah Palin for 2012 on George Snuffleupagus’ show today, but he could have at least thrown her a bone for the hard work she did for him. Palin did his campaign a lot of good, energized a conservative base that was unquestionably hostile to his campaign, and did all the attack work that he would not or could not do himself. She gave him the only lead he ever had in the general election and she took a ton of nasty personal hits in return from Democrats and MSM outlets who crawled all over her life like a bunch of insane plague rats.

An honorable man of the sort that Johnny Mac claims to be would have at least given Palin her due as an astute politician with a magnetic and intriguing personality. Of course, that would require that he praise a conservative so, as usual, his pettiness overruled his so-called honor just as it did in the month after the campaign ended and his followers anonymously savaged Palin.

You’d think that a man so full of honor would demonstrate it once in a while.

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