If You're Going to Write About the Bible, You Should Probably Have Read It.

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It is, apparently, far too much to ask that the religion writer for Newsweek know a bit about religion. Actually, that’s not fair. Miller knows quite a bit about religion. Alas, the religion she knows about is one she made up right on the spot that just happens to fit perfectly into the strawman she’s built. Lisa Miller launches a spirited defense of gay marriage in Newsweek and scolds “religious conservatives” for what she sees as terribly inconsistent views given that Miller sees in the Bible.

Thankfully, Mollie Hemmingway slogs through Miller’s piece and facts checks her to within an inch of her life.

She never once speaks with an actual opponent of same-sex marriage. She never once speaks with someone who knows anything about the Biblical model of marriage as understood for thousands of years. This piece is disgusting, unfair and unworthy of a high school graduate. It is the opposite of thought-provoking. It’s a post-frontal lobotomy exegesis of Scripture. This is journalism? This is how people are supposed to cover the news, today?

She actually uses Miss Manners to defend liturgical changes in marital rites. I mean, really. This is a serious topic. We have had the majority populace of three dozen states now vote to define marriage as a heterosexual union. I know the news industry is suffering but perhaps one reporter could go actually research what these people think.

Instead we learn nothing about the principled opposition to same-sex marriage and instead get blasphemy and some of the most cliched reading of Scripture to appear in print. Thanks, Newsweek. Thanks a bunch.

Do check out both links and judge for yourself. Newsweek does no one a service by misrepresenting the Bible nor the principled argument against gay marriage by printing Miller’s tripe.

(via Katherine Eastland and Michelle Malkin)

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