Monday Night Music…on Tuesday!

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I know that Monday was yesterday, but I feel like sharing some good music tonight. After the jump are three great cover tunes from a group I know next to nothing about except that they have some serious rock and roll chops. The trio call themselves Stereophonics and they’ve apparently been around a while.

Oh well, I can’t know every band out there, can I?

Hit the jump for some funky old-school covers.

First up is one of my favorite songs, Three Dog Night’s “Mama Told Me Not to Come”. It has one of the greatest chorus grooves ever written and, as a bonus, this cover features the legendary Tom Jones. He gets the mood of the song exactly right. Turn it up and hit “play”.

Let’s change stylistic gears now and kick back with some straight-up funk – Hot Chocolate’s “You Sexy Thing”. It starts with a vocal riff that could have been done by the Black Crowes, but it doesn’t take long before the guys start that familiar slow roll in the rhythm section. There are some minor quibbles with this version. The lead singer could have screeched a bit like Errol Brown did in the original, the tempo is a bit slow, and it lacks the string section that gave Hot Chocolate’s version real body, but I can get over all that. This is good stuff.

Oh, but really guys, the word is pronounced “thang”, thank you very much. Kids today…

Last up is yet another stylistic shift without benefit of a clutch. I’m not going to give you even a tiny hint except to say that if the group that did the original was around today, they’d surely approve. The song is short, but tasty. You’ll like it.

This is a better version, but it’s longer with some documentary setup. There’s some neat rehearsal footage and I like to watch how good musicians work (watch how one of the band members works his tail off to keep the high harmony in tune), but you may not, so wait for the video to load and skip to the last couple of minutes.

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