I'm a Twitter Tweeter, Which is Twemendous!

| November 25, 2008 | Reply

Now I’ve gone and done it. I’ve started a twitter account. I’m not sure what the descriptive word here is – twitterized? twittified? a really big twit? twitterpated? – but whatever it is, I’m it.

If you’re are one of the twitterific, you can follow me here and become one of my twitterlings. If you do, be sure to leave me a comment here so I can be sure to follow you as well.

I’ve also stuck a little gadget on my sidebar so you can read my tweets (tweets? Geez!) without having to follow me. But do follow me. I don’t want to have a sad, little follower number. The rest of the cool twitterati will laugh at me.

The hook is that you’ll get stuff from my tweets that’s either just too short to merit a full blog entry or doesn’t quite fit The Shack. Tonight, for instance, you could have seen a couple tweets about the Monday Night Football game and a reply or two to other tweets. You can’t get that just anywhere, right? Okay, ’nuff said. Follow me!

Also, if you are a compulsive twitterer, this post is absolutely indispensable. The author must have spent hours collecting all manner of twitter feeds of interest to folks of a conservative political bent (along with a half-bazillion news outlets that might be of interest to anyone). It’s a crazy-useful post that I bookmarked within seconds of scanning over it (via Conservative Grapevine).

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