Gafffetastic Joe – The Robert Johnson of Politics?

| November 4, 2008 | Reply

Allah really wants to know how Joe “The Human Gaffe Machine” Biden can say something like this and still be just a few hours away from the Vice Presidency.

“I think we’ve run a really good campaign,” Biden said Monday. “And for all the stuff about gaffes, I don’t think there have been any real gaffes,” Biden said. “I mean, I don’t see anything in your polling data demonstrating any of that stuff you guys love to write about.”

“I never make any big, big gaffes,” he added. “I mean, you guys love saying that about me, but I tell you what, just look at the numbers. I don’t have any problem with what I’ve said and there’s nothing I’ve said that I would back off of.”

I think that the report doesn’t say that everyone in the room broke out into hysterical laughter provides a bit of a clue. It’s possible, though, that Biden might share a little something in common with Robert Johnson.

I’m not saying it’s so, but I wouldn’t bet against Joe Biden having paid a midnight visit to a lonely crossroads in the past few months.

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