Congratulations, Barack Obama

| November 4, 2008 | 14 Replies

Jonah Goldberg about sums it up for me (except for one small point).

Look, I expect to be one of the most severe critics of the Obama administration and the Democrats generally in the years ahead (though I sincerely hope I won’t find that necessary). But Obama ran a brilliant race and he should be congratulated for it. Moreover, during the debate over the financial crisis, Obama said that a president should be able to do more than one thing at a time. Well, I think we members of the loyal opposition should be able to make distinctions simultaneously. It is a wonderful thing to have the first African-American president. It is a wonderful thing that in a country where feelings are so intense that power can be transferred so peacefully. Let us hope that the Obama his most dedicated — and most sensible! — fans see turns out to be the real Obama. Let us hope that Obama succeeds and becomes a great president, for all the right reasons.

As for John McCain, he is an American hero and arguably the best candidate we could have fielded. I will in the days to come offer no small amount of criticism about his campaign. But where his campaign may have lacked qualities that would have helped it win, the candidate never lacked for honor and integrity. Thank you John McCain for your sacrifice, commitment, and honor.

God bless America, and may He guide Obama to be the best president possible.

I will add one thing and change one other, though. I expect that over the next couple of years there will be a plethora of stories about President Obama’s past that will pour forth from the fickle maw of the now-discredited MSM. They’ll start about a picosecond after Obama fails to deliver everything he’s promised and most of them will sound awfully familiar to readers of this blog. In fact, I will have written about, or linked to those who have written about, most of them over the past six months. We will wonder then exactly who it is we elected tonight.

The one thing I’d change about Goldberg’s post is that I don’t think you can make a credible argument that John McCain was the best candidate that the Republicans could have fielded. We saw at least two better, but Republicans decided to nitpick them out of the race fairly early on.

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