It's Their Party and They'll Cry if We Make Them…

| October 30, 2008 | 1 Reply

Here’s today’s latest election commercial from Islamist killer and probably sheep-sodomizing pedophile Abu Yahya al-Libi:

O God, humiliate Bush and his party, O Lord of the Worlds, degrade and defy him…

And here’s the welcome partner of several prominent Democratic members of Congress and presidential candidates Markos Moulitsas Zuniga:

Now’s the time for us to press the advantage and crush their movement for a generation or more….Our enemy is on the retreat. We can’t let them get away and regroup. It’s time to crush them. Throw those anvils and make more Republicans “weep”.

I would think that a rational person would make a point of not having the same political goals as al-Qaeda. But Kos and his ilk are not known for their abundant rationality.

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