Heritage Foundation Asks Obama to Pull His Dishonest Ad

| October 28, 2008 | 1 Reply

I recently saw a Barack Obama ad called “Try This” about his so-called plan that quoted an analyst from the conservative Heritage Foundation. It seemed pretty incredible to me that anyone at Heritage would endorse any economic plan Barack Obama might propose. They’re a bit too smart to be suckered like that.

At it turns out, the quote was wrong and the analyst didn’t endorse Obama’s plan. In fact, when an Obama staffer made the very same claim just last month, the analyst in question sent a very emphatic letter that was printed in the Wall Street Journal. There’s no way you can mistake something called “A Bad Plan that is Less Bad is Still Not a Very Good Plan” as an endorsement.

Well, not unless you’re Barack Obama.

Heritage has demanded that Obama pull the ad. My guess is that he won’t. Hoping for honesty would be too much of a change for him.

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