The Miracle Continues to Unfold in Iraq

| October 23, 2008 | 1 Reply

Last month, our soldiers handed over Anbar Province, once the “scene of the bloodiest battles of the insurgency”, to the Iraqis. Today, they turn over Babil province, once known as the “triangle of death”.

It is the “triangle of death” no more, just as Anbar is no longer a hotbed of Islamist murder, because of the patience and professionalism of our soldiers and the brilliant strategy employed by our commanders, most notably General David Petraeus.

It is also due to the steadfastness of President George Bush. If a lesser man had been in office, we would have fled Iraq and left those people to the butchers. But we didn’t, even though the President has endured years of lies and slander against his character the sort of attacks one should only reserve for the bloodiest butchers in history.

So now 12 of 18 provinces are in Iraqi hands and the Iraqi people are that much closer to being able to step out on their own as a free and responsible nation.

We are seeing a miracle occur right before our eyes, folks. I hope that one day we can appreciate the magnificent story of Iraq.

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