No, Silly Media, The Police Aren't Worried About a Horde of Angry Republicans on Election Night (UPDATE: More Bonus Democratic Rage)

| October 22, 2008 | 5 Replies

If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard how John McCain and Sarah Palin are whipping their supporters into an Obama-hating frenzy and how their campaign rallies are looking like Birth of a Nation II: The Rebirthening. It’s ugly, ugly hate, we’re told, that the Republicans are feeding to their crowds, who are eating it up like ice cream.

The problem is that there’s no basis for any of it. Much of the MSM’s fear came from a story where a supporter at a rally was reported to have yelled “Kill him!” when Barack Obama’s name was mentioned. The Secret Service found the story full of hooey but it hasn’t stopped the likes of Terry Moran from repeating it as if it were Gospel.

The reason I bring that up is that memeorandum is highlighting a story from The Hill about how law enforcement agencies around the country are preparing “for possible civil unrest and riots”. The Hill tries to play it down the middle, as if it’s just as likely that Republicans will take to the streets after an Obama victory as Democrats would after a McCain win.

That’s just silly on its face, but in the interests of providing some useful context, I want to toss out a few examples to show just where the election anger really is. Remember, as you read them, that media narrative is that Republicans are the ones in a red hot rage.

But it’s McCain supporters we’re supposed to be worried about? Yeah, okay. The police are getting ready for the apocalypse in November, but I guarantee you it’s not because they’re worried about Republicans hitting the streets. If you think they’re worried at all about Republican rage, you’re just deluding yourself.

It’d be nice if, for once, the MSM would be honest with us and connect a few angry, destructive dots, wouldn’t it?

UPDATE: Here are two more for the list via Hot Air. Senator Norm Coleman’s house, along with three other Republican members of Congress. Two Democratic members also got the graffiti treatment. Coleman’s is particularly threatening and it’s worth noting that he’s in a rather heated tussle with professional jackass Stuart Smalley Radio Failure Al Franken.

Also in Minnesota, a man who committed the horrible crime of having a John McCain bumper sticker had his car and his work van vandalized. The criminals, as you can see from the photos, paid his van a great deal of attention.

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