New York Times: It's the Government's Fault that ACORN is a Fraud Machine.

| October 18, 2008 | 1 Reply

Lord, what a bunch of whiners New York Times editorial board has become.

Friday’s editorial, ostensibly about ACORN and why the rampant voter fraud that we know has been occurring is really no big deal, closes with what the board thinks is the real scandal. Our government isn’t babying us enough.

Meanwhile, Republicans aren’t saying anything about another more serious voter-registration scandal: the fact that about one-third of eligible voters are not registered. The racial gaps are significant and particularly disturbing. According to a study by Project Vote, a voting-rights group, in 2006, 71 percent of eligible whites were registered, compared with 61 percent of blacks, 54 percent of Latinos and 49 percent of Asian-Americans.

Much of the blame for this lies with overly restrictive registration rules. Earlier this year, the League of Women Voters halted its registration drive in Florida after the state imposed onerous new requirements.

These “onerous new requirements” mainly involve exactly the same requirement these poor victims of cruel Republican disenfranchisement face any time they buy a pack of cigarettes, a six-pack of beer, or use a credit card at Wal Mart. They have to show a photo ID.

Oh, the scandal.

And how does the Times propose to solve this heart-breaking tragedy? Might the wizened heads of our country’s most revered newspaper suggest that voting is ever-so-slightly more important than buying a pack of Marlboros, worthy of a brief jaunt to the local DMV? Could they point out that these requirements were put into place specifically because of the fraud perpetrated by ACORN after the last Presidential election?

Of course not.

Their answer is the same knee-jerk answer the left uses to solve every problem: more government. Voting is no longer the responsibility of the concerned citizen, as far as the Times is concerned. It’s now the task of government to beg and plead for people to minimally participate in the running of the country.

And if a group like ACORN, which is currently under investigation in at least 13 out or 50 states, happened to drop a few hundred thousand fake registrations on our election boards, which I remind you are already overworked and staffed mostly by civic-minded volunteers, then that’s all our fault. Or, in other words, if we didn’t want to be raped, then why were we sashaying around in those shorty-shorts?

Right now, Barack Obama’s ACORN allies are busy raping the life out of our electoral system, on purpose and without mercy. All the New York Times seems willing to do about it is to look for ways it was asking for it.

(via James Taranto)

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