What's the Subject of Obama's First Attack Ad on Issues that "Matter to Families"? John McCain's War Injuries

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Oh, dear. Nancy boy crybaby Obama is angry…again. He’s promised to get fierce with John McCain and go on the attack. But his attacks won’t be just any attack. Oh, no. They’ll be important attacks.

“I will guarantee, we are going to hit back hard,” he pledged. “But we are going to hit back hard on the issues that matter to families.”

So what issue that matters to families did he tackle first?

John McCain’s inability to use e-mail.

Well, I’m sure that’s dinnertime conversation in the Obama household, but out here in the sticks, where we have a deathgrip on God and our guns with one hand while scooping deep-fried roadkill into our pieholes with the other, we could give a rat’s patoot about John McCain’s e-mail ability.

As it happens, John McCain can use e-mail. He just got a late start on it. Part of that is because he’s 72 years old and if you know more than five folks close to that age who use their e-mail easily and routinely, you’re living in the retirement home from the movie Cocoon.

The bigger reason he got a late start on the wonderful world of cheap Viagra and generous Nigerian princes is because he spent a few years being crippled by the North Vietnamese, suffering injuries so severe that he couldn’t lift his hands high enough to comfortably use a computer keyboard. Jonah Goldberg found this out after a few minutes with a wonder of the online world – the search engine – that neither Barack Obama nor anyone in his staff seem to know how to use.

Of course, the possibility does exist that Obama knew that McCain spent a good chunk of his adult life unable to lift his arms to keyboard level but decided to make fun of him because of it anyhow.

Either way, Barack Obama’s first hard-hitting ad on an issue that matters to families is one that makes fun of a war hero’s crippling injuries.

And he did that after a whole week where his unleashed hounds savaged Sarah Palin’s pregnant teenaged daughter and her Down’s Syndrome son.

Awesome job there, Obamessiah!

Is there anyone on Obama’s staff who got there because they were competent, or did the interview consist solely of finding out who could salaam the lowest when he walked by?

The ad is below the jump.

UPDATE: Ace, using that miraculous device called Google, found another article on John McCain’s e-mail aptitude. Turns out he’s an “inveterate devotee of email” who has to dictate his responses to his wife at night for her to type because it’s too freaking painful for him to type them himself.

Oh, and if you’re reading this and happen to be on the Obama campaign, “inveterate” means habitual. It especially refers to a habit created through persistence.

You know, the kind of persistence a man might have developed getting the snot kicked out of him for 5 1/2 years in a prison camp or the kind of persistence shown by a man who made a habit out of something that caused him physical pain.

Barack Obama can make plenty of attacks on John McCain (shamnesty, anyone?) but he sure as hell can’t bag on him for his e-mail habits or claim that his age has slowed him down any.

(via Robert McCain)

UPDATE: Thanks Sister Toldjah, Michael van der Galien, and The Anchoress!

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