Obama's Speech Finishes Second in the Ratings. Barely.

| September 5, 2008 | Reply

So, it turns out that Obama’s much-anticipated speech, hyped by the MSM beyond all reason or propriety, was barely the second most popular speech of the conventions and only because Palin’s speech wasn’t shown on a few possibly racist networks.

The note here on Palin’s speech is that she only came about 1.1 million short of finishing ahead of Obama, but the two biggest Spanish-speaking networks and two networks that cater to black audiences didn’t show her speech. The two “black” stations, TV One and BET, which are already under fire for being Obama boosters, sent correspondents and camera crews to the Democratic convention to cover the event. BET sent a much smaller crew to the Republican convention and TV One sent no one at all. TV One’s Chairman said that being at the RNC “didn’t “fit into our mission” and claimed that there were “no African Americans involved” in it.

Nah, that’s not too bigoted.

Kind of a shame to see that sort of blind intolerance these days, especially since it’s clear that his advertisers and viewers would have benefited greatly by airing Palin’s speech. It looks like it could have been quite the ratings boom for his network had he laid aside his bigotry.

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