Looking for Naked Sarah Palin Pictures?

| August 31, 2008 | 10 Replies

Hmmm, so folks want to see Sarah Palin bikini pictures do they? Or maybe Sarah Palin nude or possibly even naked?

Sorry, folks. I’m no help here.

I am willing to link to my friend Robert McCain who has e-mailed the McCain campaign for such photographs, assuming they exist (and, who are we kidding? They exist somewhere. They have to). He’s also asking anyone else who might have them to send them along.

So if you’ve got photos of Sarah Palin in the 1984 Miss Alaska swimsuit competition, or pictures of Sarah Palin during Spring Break ’83 at Cabo showing her stuff in a wet T-shirt contest, or Sarah Palin posing topless in a thong for an auto parts calendar, please e-mail these scandalous photos to me immediately.

What, me? Link whoring?

Perish the thought. I’m just having some fun here. Unlike the other folks who have visited the Shack looking for “trig palin birth certificate”, “sarah palin husband cheat”, and “trig palin birth certificate for son”. If that’s what brought you here, by the way, you aren’t worth a pound of rotten syphilitic donkey penis and I invite you kiss the whitest part of my ass. That’s not the Christian way of putting it, but I don’t imagine that decent folk will mind the sentiment. Also, I wish on you a case of kidney stones that last a month and feel like Satan’s Darning Needle when you pass them.

UPDATE: This is not the post I bet you really want. That post, which may involve a swimsuit, is right here.

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