Attention PUMAs! Attention All PUMAs!

| August 29, 2008 | 19 Replies

For those of you out there who are bitter that the candidate of Hope and Change decided to choose a snark-tongued Senate greyhead as his running mate instead of a woman, let me play a little “what if” game. Stick with me. It’ll pay off for you at the end.

What if John McCain wins in November and Sarah Palin becomes the first female Vice President in American history? Well, we’ll add Palin’s name to the list of historic “diversity firsts” that have happened during Republican administrations. But let’s think a bit farther down the line.

About four years farther down the line, to 2012.

What happens should John McCain decide not to run for President then?

Folks, that leaves Sarah Palin as the instant front-runner with all the push that an incumbent Vice President gets. That means, if you PUMAs understand that in the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton will never get the nomination for President thanks to her daring to defy the party’s Chosen One, you have the chance right now to get behind a woman who stands a very good chance of becoming the first female President we’ve ever had.

And I guarantee you that conservatives will not spurn you the way progressives have. That’s not our style. Ask Elizabeth Dole. Ask Condoleeza Rice. Ask Kay Bailey Hutchison. We may disagree with you, but we will always listen to you and give you a place in the discussion. We conservatives disagree all the times, sometimes very bitterly, but we return respect for respect. That’s just how we’re raised.

So, what do you say? Palin ’12? You know it could happen. Come on board.

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