The Democratic Three-Ring Circus Comes to Denver

| August 25, 2008 | 2 Replies

The Democratic National Convention opens up tonight and I’m expecting a humongous dog and pony show interspersed with scenes of Moonbattery the likes of which God has not seen as well as perhaps a minor miracle or two as the Spirit of Obama moves throughout the throng.

However, there are dissidents afoot and they intend, as Captain Mal Reynolds once said, to misbehave no matter how much Hillary Clinton orders them back into line.

I abjure you to pay no attention to the MSM, who is already in the bag for the Democrats and whose coverage will be as boring as watching one of those painting shows on PBS with the volume turned down. Instead, keep your bookmarks hot and pointed at Robert McCain’s coverage for Pajamas Media and Michelle Malkin’s blog. Both are in Denver and both will cover not just the big events, but the stuff that the DNC doesn’t want you to see.

Robert has already filed his first report from a GLBT meeting today and Michelle has obtained a secret first draft of Michelle Obama’s speech tonight. Robert’s also doubled up the coverage with a few photographs of the good, bad, and downright stupid outside the convention center today.

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