China Goes Out with a Bang, and the Whimper of the Oppressed is Barely Heard

| August 25, 2008 | 1 Reply

Oh yarf.

BEIJING (Reuters) – The Beijing Olympics ended with a blaze of deafening fireworks on Sunday, bringing down the curtain on a Games that dazzled the world with sporting brilliance and showcased the might of modern day China.

It looks like China got everything it wanted out of the Olympic Games: a clean bill of health from the media, the fawning adoration of IOC bureaucrats, and a green light to starve, imprison, steal property from, and really torture its citizens at will without having to worry about any meaningful protest from any other nation. Plus it managed to pick up some additional loyalty from the Chinese who live in the cities, even those who have had their houses and lands stolen from them to build the lavish venues used in the past two weeks.

Did China show us its might? You bet it did, and we in the free world were too mesmerised by the pageantry to notice much of anything else.

I wonder, though, if anyone oohing and aahing over the fireworks in Beijing gave thought to the thousands of Chinese peasants who will die because their government took their water away so it could produce the fake beauty of the Olympic compound.

Maybe we’ll see that story show up in an NBC news report, do you think? I’m sure the network will get right on that as soon as it gets up off its knees and straightens up its clothing.

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