Self-Deportation Works .0000175 Percent of the Time

| August 23, 2008 | 1 Reply

After taking heat for ramping up its enforcements efforts against illegal immigrants and the company who hire the lawbreakers, ICE decided to roll out a new kinder and gentler program earlier this month. The agency called it “Scheduled Departure” and aimed it at the 457,000 illegal immigrants who have already been ordered to leave the country but who have not.

Here’s how the program was supposed to work. If you were one of those continuing lawbreakers, you had 90 days to turn yourself back into ICE. You’d then get to choose when you returned to your home country and could work out the details with any family you still had here. Instaed of getting arrested and spending the time before your deportation in prison, you could go back home on your own terms. Seems fair enough to me.

Apaprently it didn’t seem quite fair enough to 456,992 illegal immigrants because in the three weeks the program existed, only eight people took advantage of it.

Scheduled Departure was a good attempt by ICE to demonstrate that they aren’t the heartless family-destroying bastards that the open borders/reconquista folks make them out to be. Ihe simple fact of it is that people who are in the US illegally are lawbreakers and thieves. ICE gave them a chance to show some goodwill and leave without penalty. They chose to spurn the offer. I say that ICE step up their enforcement even more than they already have. After all, we know that enforcement works.

Would that John McCain got that message.

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