Pandora to be Killed by the Record Industry

| August 16, 2008 | 1 Reply

If the hyper-greedy recording industry gets its way with Pandora, it’s going to cheat the musicians it represents out of a lot of money.

If you’ve not heard of Pandora, I’ll bring you up to speed. It’s a web-based radio station that plays music according to the preferences you give it. So, if you like the song “Werewolves of London” (and who doesn’t?), the station will find you other songs with similar musical qualities or by similar artists. You can exclude songs and artists from the stations you create and fine-tune them by adding othe songs and artists. Pandora also tosses in music by independent musicians and new artists that aren’t getting the industry promotional tours and multi million-dollar arena tours as well. For each song, you can get more information about the artist and the album on which the song appears and get a link to buy the album. It’s a great way to hear songs you haven’t heard in a long time and to discover groups you’ve never heard before.

It does have some inconvenient features, forced on it by the agreement it has with the redorcing industry. For instance, if your station plays a song you don’t like, you can skip past it, but you can only do that a certain number of times an hour. You also can’t make the station play a specific song nor can you choose songs based on when they were released (like 1940’s jazz specifically, or 80s pop music). Those make the station much less convenient but not much less entertaining. Quite honestly, it’s fun to tinker with a station to get just what yuo want.

It’s also a great way for artists to sell a boatload of albums. But that won’t happen because the industry is going to kill Pandora and every other internet radio station by demanding simply ludicrous royalty increases.

Were I a musician represented by this group, I’d be suing them for incompetence right now.

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