US to Illegals: Just Go Ahead and Punish Yourselves

| August 5, 2008 | 2 Replies

No word on if the Federal government is going to institute a voluntary punishment program for bank robbers, drug smugglers, and organized crime types.

PHOENIX (Reuters) – The United States began a pilot program on Tuesday that allows some illegal immigrants to come forward and schedule their own deportation, after criticism that stepped-up raids cause traumatic family splits.

Arresting criminals does cause “traumatic family splits”. Does that mean that we should just stop enforcing the law? In the case of illegal immigrants, who when it comes right down to it are simple thieves, yes it apparently does.

I’m getting pretty tired of hearing about illegal immigrants in such sympathetic terms. They are criminals who break our laws every single day. You or I could not get away with the level of theft they commit if we stole that much money from the government. We’d go to jail. If people are traumatized because we enforce our laws, that is not our fault and I feel not great sympathy for them. Yes, it’s bad when a child and parent are separated, but it’s hardly a tragedy when the parent purposefully put themselves into the situation in the first place. Illegal immigrants didn’t sleepwalk over the border. They got here on purpose, with intent to break our laws. You can’t get around that simple fact.

Now I’m not saying we should horsewhip them or put them in interment camps. I’m not even saying that we shouldn’t have a fairly generous legal immigration program. I’m saying that it’s not too much for us to enforce the laws we have right now, which are hardly draconian.

There is no country in the history of the planet that is as generous with their immigration policies as the United States. We let in hundreds of thousands of people every day and, even though the process by which we do this is flawed and needs repaired, it is successfully navigated by people both rich and poor every day. Still, millions of people every year take advantage of our generosity to steal even more from us. That actually makes me angry. I am a fairly kind and giving person. I’m hard-pressed to say no to someone in need, even if the need is slight. I’ll do a lot to keep someone out of trouble or to help someone who is in trouble. What I won’t do is continue to cater to a group of people who have stolen more than the bounty I’ve already given them. I will get really, really angry when that group of people admits their theft, tells me that I’m the one who is wrong, then demands leniency and even more bounty.

Excuse me French, but those folks can kiss my hairy white ass.

Why we continue to allow that arrogance is beyond me. I just don’t get it.


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