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| July 28, 2008 | 1 Reply

If all the political stuff is wearying you, and I must admit that I spent a couple days last week in a malaise over all of it, then The Anchoress has just the antidote. She’s unearthed a couple golden gems from the 90s out of YouTube that ought to get your feet tapping and your rump bumping.

I’m going the lazy route, since I’m still out and traveling, and am going to politely swipe these videos for your evening enjoyment. The 90s had a lot of really, really bad and/or stale and/or horribly alike music but there were a few really notable songs that even today hold up very, very well. These are two of them.

And, seriously, if “Lucas with the Lid Off” doesn’t make you say “Whoa! I remember that song!” you must have been in another country or something.

Videos after the jump.

And how about a bonus song? It’s “Cantaloupe Island”, the song that inspired US3’s “Cantaloop”. Herbie Hancock has written some of the most solid rhythm section grooves in jazz history. This song is among his best.

Oh, and note to the YouTube kids? It’s “Cantaloupe”, not “Cantelope”. Different pronunciation.

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