…With A Capital "T" that Rhymes with "P" that Stands for PUMA!

| July 20, 2008 | 15 Replies

Oh yes there’s trouble! Right here in Obamessiahland! Apparently, quite a few Democrats read up on their party’s nomination rules and they found something that I was saying last month. Barack Obama isn’t the nominee until there’s a vote in Denver at the convention. Those folks aren’t at all happy with the Exalted One and they, in the words of Malcolm Reynolds, aim to misbehave.

In response to the grumblings, the former Chair of the Democratic National Committee and its current Secretary sent out an e-mail that basically says that the PUMAs (as the disgruntled ones call themselves) are a bunch of people who “carp, complain, and criticize” who should shut up and fall in line.

Yeah, that’s a great idea. That’s going to bring their donations in by the truckload and I can only imagine how motivated they’ll be to help out in local Obama campaign offices.

The PUMAs are an increasingly large problem for Barack Obama. They are, largely, people who are willing to spend a lot of their money and time on the Democratic candidate and if he loses them, they will spend that money and time making darned sure that he doesn’t get elected. The McCain campaign is already courting them with some initial degree of success. Politics is intensely personal on the left and if these PUMAs feel that they are being shoved to the margins or are handled like they were *gasp* Republicans, their ire will be intense and they will turn to McCain just to spite the rest of their party.

The Obamessiah ought to curb his staggering arrogance (you know like touring around Europe as if he’s the President already and designing his very own seal), at least until he actually has the nomination. If he doesn’t, he might just find himself in the middle of a political knife-fight for which he is in no way ready.

(via Robert McCain and Don Surber)

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