Could He Pick Sarah? I Sure as Heck Hope So!

| May 31, 2008 | 5 Replies

Both Hot Air and The Weekly Standard noted the tip received by Kevin Aylward that a high honcho in the McCain campaign had made a very quiet trip to Alaska. They both conjecture that this means Johnny Mac is seriously looking at Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a VP candidate.

I’ll tell you this. If he does pick Palin, he’ll get my vote. As this profile from last year shows, Palin is an unapologetic conservative who has been willing to take on entrenched and powerful organizations to advance her conservative principles. Unlike McCain, Palin has put her political future on the line to root out corruption within the Republican Party. Unlike McCain, Palin has risked quite a bit of political capital to take a stand on shrinking the size of government in her state. Unlike McCain, Palin knows how to split the difference between using the energy resources we have available to us and not letting the oil companies run roughshod over her state. Unlike McCain, the combative stands she has taken have been in the service of conservative principles, not her own political career or the cause du jour.

She’s proven herself an impressive politician and a principled leader. She is immensely popular in her state and has the sort of demeanor that wins over fans of both parties.

She’d be a heck of a choice and perhaps the only choice that I can see right now that would earn my vote. I imagine there are quite a few conservative out there who feel much the same way. McCain ought to pay attention to that.

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