Memorial Day 2008

| May 26, 2008 | 1 Reply

It’s Memorial Day and I’m pretty much going to take most of the day off from blogging. My local baseball team is in town and I have pretty good seats, so I’ll be spending the afternoon at the ballpark.

I’ll also be spending some time this morning in prayer for the friends and families of our honored dead – those who served us admirably in war and peace but who have passed on. They deserve our consideration, not just on Memorial Day, but every day.

We are still in the midst of a titanic struggle against an implacable enemy who wishes nothing less than our enslavement. They have no interest in rapprochement with us because we are infidels. Our best situation if they prevail is that we will pay them year after bitter year not to kill us. We have lost many, many soldiers in this war and we will lose many more before it is done. Let us remember those who have died to not only keep us free, but to grant a real chance – the first chance ever seen in the history of the world – for millions of Arabs who would live with us in peace to know the same freedoms we enjoy.

God bless our soldiers and airmen. God bless the country they serve.

(See also the good words of Michelle Malkin who brings us the words of the soldiers themselves, Chris Muir whose art speak far more than my words ever could, and Joseph Morrison Skelly’s poignant reminder of the first man to die in our War Against the Islamists.)


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